Brand Position

Our brand position is what sets us apart from other institutions. It is the distinct space we occupy, the ground we have staked out and built upon.

We take students farther, faster because we are a 21st-century hybrid combining high-quality professional programs, real-world experience, and a 120+ year learning tradition of thinking critically, analyzing deeply, and communicating effectively.

Brand Story

Our brand story brings together our brand promise, brand position, and brand chapters into a narrative that encapsulates what makes the Etown experience singular. It takes these statements and makes them cohesive, makes them real. It inspires a sense of pride and aspiration. It is what we stand for and why we’re proud to be Blue Jays.

This brand story is for us, to help us always remember who we are. It is not intended to be used verbatim in outward-facing communications. Although it should always inform how we talk about ourselves, it should not be used in advertisements or videos.

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